Intel Haswell platforms will not POST used with DDR3

Intel Haswell platforms will not POST when used with DDR3 Memory Modules.
Computers Will not Complete Power On Self Test (POST) When Used With DDR3 Memory Modules.

If a DDR3 SoDIMM memory module is inserted into a notebook that utilizes a 4th generation Intel processor, the notebook will not complete Power On Self Test (POST) and will generate an LED or Beep error code indicative of a memory issue, depending on the make of the computer.

For products that support LED error codes, the LEDs will flash the “ON FLASH ON” code and then the computer will shut off, i.e. the 1st and 3rd LEDs will be solid and the 2nd (middle) LED will be flashing.

For products that support beep error codes, the computer will generate beep code 2, i.e. two beeps followed by another two beeps followed by another two beeps in an endless loop with a 3sec gap between each set of two beeps.

Notebooks utilizing Intel’s 4th Generation processors require a new type of memory SoDIMM known as DDR3-Low Voltage or “DDR3L”.

Products utilizing this generation of processors will ship with DDR3L memory modules from the factories, and will not be backward compatible with regular DDR3 memory modules.

To fix the issue:
  1. Unplug the AC adapter from the system and remove the battery except for All-In-One(AIO)
  2. Remove the memory SoDIMM(s) and identify the DDR3 SoDIMM(s)
  3. Replace the DDR3 SoDIMM with a DDR3L SoDIMM.
  4. Re-insert the battery (except for AIO) and plug in the AC adapter
  5. Press the Power button. System should now boot normally 

What are the differences between DDR3 or DDR3L memory?

  • DDR3L is a dual voltage capable memory SoDIMM, which supports operation at both 1.5V and 1.35V. DDR3L is also pin-compatible with DDR3 (i.e. it will fit in a DDR3 socket). 
  • DDR3 is a single voltage capable memory SoDIMM, which supports 1.5V operation only. It is NOT compatible with systems using 4th gen Intel processors, which exclusively support 1.35V operation for memory.

How to identify whether memory is DDR3 or DDR3L?  

  • All JEDEC compliant memory modules must contain text that allows for identification of the SoDIMM. 
  • Notice the difference in the text between the two attached pictures.
  • The DDR3L SoDIMM has “PC3L” whereas the DDR3 SoDIMM has “PC3” in the JEDEC compliant text.

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