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Kindle Fire HD vs. Google Nexus 7

Amazon's latest Kindle fire HD and Google's Nexus seven are entirely fully totally different beasts, enjoying to the many strengths of the parent companies that hatched them. they're every 7-inch tablets with automaton beneath the hood and their worth tags area unit identical, but that's where the similarities end. whereas these a pair of tablets ar natural head-to-head competitors, remember: there's associate Apple announcement, and perhaps the legendary iPad mini, merely around the corner. And if worth trumps all, a further basic update on last year's Kindle fire will entirely worth you associate eminently wallet-friendly $159.

When it involves a pill to modify Apple's iPad, Amazon's 8.9-inch fire HD is actually a rival. The larger fire HD is just a shade smaller in screen size than its Apple counterpart, but choices all the bells and whistles of its smaller, 7-inch brother. whether or not or not or not Amazon's list of choices — and considerably less expensive worth purpose — is enough to lure you faraway from Apple-land is, of course, entirely up to you. But now, let's concentrate on the smaller, 7-inch fire HD and its most blatant competition, the Google Nexus seven.

Hardware: tech specs and magnificence

Kindle fire HD

    * 7-inch 1280 x 800 IPS liquid LCD|alphanumeric display} display
    * OMAP 4460 processor (Texas Instruments)
    * 16GB of storage (32GB is $249)
    * Advanced MIMO LAN technology designed to boost signal
    * technologist Digital and stereo speakers
    * HDMI-out port
    * HD front facing camera

Google Nexus seven

    * 7-inch 1280 x 800 IPS liquid LCD|alphanumeric display} display
    * Tegra 3 processor
    * eight or 16GB of storage (16GB is $249)
    * 1 GB RAM
    * 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera
    * NFC support
    * tiny USB port entirely

The Kindle fire HD beyond any doubt upped the ante. On paper, the new Fire's amped-up speakers, HDMI-out port, processor, and LAN tricks provides it a leg up. Amazon claims the new processor is faster than the speedy Nexus 7's Tegra 3, but we'll got to decide that once a jiffy with the new pill. And since the hearth HD packs 16GB into that $199 tag, it wins handily once it involves space for movies, games, and music.

Winner: Kindle fire HD. we have a tendency to tend to merely just like the Nexus 7's thoughtful vogue, but this one goes to Amazon.

Bag of tricks: Whisper sync, X-Ray, Free Time vs. Google presently on automaton four.1
The new Kindle fire HD has some cool tricks up its sleeve that ar sure to charm to avid bookworms and folks alike. Whisper sync with Voice pairs reading with associate audio book, that's notably cool, notably once prophet L. Jackson is reading to you. X-Ray might be a decent thanks to trace down all of the mentions of a specific term among a book, a handy perk for school children. And FreeTime might be a group of parental controls that lets folks set limits on time and content.

In the totally different end of the ring, we've got got Google presently, Android 4.1's wise program, interwoven with its voice controls, that's designed to be told from your behavior and provide knowledge specifically once you'd adore it whereas not you having to boost. For presently this will be restricted to bus times, weather, sports scores, directions and conjointly the likes of, but it's a platform quite one thing — and it's getting smarter all the time.

Winner: Nexus seven. If you utilize your pill as associate e-reader or hand it off to your youngsters, the Kindle fire HD's code tricks will wow you — if you are doing not, well, not most. If you utilize your device further type of a smartphone or a laptop, you may be stunnedby merely but useful Google presently could also be. but on the way facet Google presently, Android 4.1 is polished and thoughtful, with useful little thrives at every flip.

Entertainment and Apps: Amazon vs. Google Play
Amazon has designed a noteworthy library of ebooks to power its Kindles, but the company's marketplace has been stocking movies, music, and tv shows at a quickening clip. If you're into observance new shows and downloading media at large, you may doubtless be higher served by Amazon's system. but if it's apps you're once, Google's Nexus seven has the entire Google Play app market at its fingertips, which suggests a wider, higher selection of games and code across the board. Again, this comes right right down to but you'd prefer to use your device: Is it low TV or just a super-sized smartphone?

Winner: Tie. Amazon's got the recreation, but its app marketplace is not any Google Play.

These a pair of devices share a tag and that they can occupy regarding the same amount of space throughout a backpack, but they're all fully totally different breeds. Amazon's new 7-inch pill might be a content-delivery superhighway — and each one roads lead to the web bourgeois. If you utilize your pill to devour books, movies, music, and tv shows, it's probably to suit type of a glove. but since the pill runs a modified version of automaton, you may be making some sacrifices once it involves the open app system.

The Nexus seven wishes you to cozy up to Google Play's media entrepot, but with its full-blown version of automaton four.1 and its really tight integration with Google's toolkit (think Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, search, and more), the Google-flavor pill is further of associate info-junkie than a virtual store front. but throughout a world at intervals that a sturdy little laptop costs however $200, you really cannot fail.

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