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Microsoft launching tablet 8-inch

Microsoft may be preparing launching 8-inch tablet (iPad models) this June, and the 10-inch next year.

This is according to Digitimes who spoke with sumber2 leaks contained in the component industry consortium of technology in Taiwan. This indicates Sumber2 bawha 8-inch touchscreen tablet using Samsung's technology and uses an NVIDIA. Production is managed by ODM Pegatron.

Instead of launching this summer, sources believe that Microsoft is trying to spend a tablet stock Surfact RT and Surfact Pro sebelom launching the 10-inch. External sources also believe that this system could be slightly above or slightly below the 10-inch. For now, RT Surface and Surface Pro has a 10.6 inch screen.

Based on IDC reports obtained at the beginning of this month, Microsoft managed to distribute more than 900 thousand tablets to several countries. The scoring is a combination of a tablet Surface and Surface Pro RT. But for the most desirable Pro tablet in the market.