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Taking photos of the moon with an iPhone

One of the most effective ways of taking photos of stars, planets and satellites is with a digital camera, just like the previous Toucam professional, and process with Registax. That’s not the simplest methodology tho', and after you need photos of the moon, Associate in Nursing iPhone will the duty alright.

First, you wish a telescope. anybody can do, however i exploit a 5″ Celestron spotter scope. It’s not the most effective, however it’s what I actually have and I’m terribly keen on it. Second, you wish Associate in Nursing iPhone. Again, mine isn’t the most effective, it’s a 4S, however it’ll do. Lastly, you wish the simplest way of exploring through the telescope with the phone’s camera, and that’s wherever the Magnifi comes in. this can be Associate in Nursing adapter to permit your phone to latch onto Associate in Nursing lense. I got it once they were proclaimed on Kickstarter, and it’s established terribly helpful.

I use electrical tape wrapped round the finish of a 24mm lense to confirm the Magnifi fits properly. There square measure several eyepieces you'll use, however some won’t fill the phone’s camera. In fact, the 24mm i exploit isn’t good, once shooting ordinarily, because it doesn’t use the full of the camera’s device.

However, once mistreatment Cortex Camera, it's ideal and it fills the screen fully. Cortex Camera is Associate in Nursing application on the iPhone that uses the HD video mode of the camera to provide a more robust quality still photograph than you’d get ordinarily, just like the method stackers and webcams manage it, albeit not in an exceedingly manner designed for natural philosophy. Again, it’s not ideal, however it’ll do.

Once you've got this found out, it’s extremely quite straightforward to require straightforward photos of the moon, particularly if you employ the Apple headphones with the mic attachment as a cable unleash (like a far off trigger for the camera therefore you don’t wobble everything once pressing the button) and a tripod.

Of course, what would be ideal would be a telescope with GPS-based pursuit, however I’ve not tried one among those out with the phone.

One vital lesson I learned was to follow once it’s light-weight, therefore once it gets dark, you’re not bungling concerning, attempting to suit everything along. There’s a church clock visible from my back window i exploit to check the setup in daytime.

Experiment with totally different eyepieces and extenders to urge the right settings along with your own native landmark within the daytime and also the follow pays off after you try and take photos of the moon.

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