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The other side of Fergie (Sir Alex Ferguson)

Here are 10 other side of Fergie, he's often called-are rarely known to many people.

1. Be sales Clerk
Before working as a football manager, Ferguson apparently never became a clerk in the Clyde. After that, he tried to open a pub in Glasgow, Scotland.

2. Sleeping with "JFK"
Ferguson was very interested in the story about the death of U.S. President John F Kennedy (JFK).

Relationships, Gordon Brown, whose Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom, gave him some CDs about the murder of JFK. "Gordon even sent me 35 CDs," he told a radio station Manchester, Key 103, in 2007. He was very interested in the JFK story. He even kept the JFK autopsy report in his bedroom. He also has a signed copy of Warren Reprot former U.S. President, Gerald Ford.

3. Giving ride to Kenny Dalglish
While still bet for Glasgow Rangers, Ferguson has attention to young players who want to join the club. He is none other than Kenny Dalglish and other colleagues. Ferguson is well often hitch a ride with Dalglish. "Fergie is often given to us for a ride into town. His car is huge," said Dalglish. However, Dalglish finally canceled join the Rangers and implacable opponent choose to play for Rangers, the Glasgow Celtic, in 1968.

4. Recommend massage Plumbers to the Prime Minister
Never told journalists and politicians Alasrtair Campbell to send a masseuse kepaa Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister. Ferguson is known to support the Labour Party that brought Blair became prime minister. According to Ferguson, the masseuse was important to keep the Blair campaign team stay fit because they have to travel long distances and solid activity.

5. Not Longest Managers
Ferguson not handle the club's longest-serving manager. When retired as manager of Manchester United, the club he had to handle it for 26.5 years. Longest-serving manager who coached the club is dealing with Rox Guy Auxerre for 44 years. He resigned in 2005. He's also not the longest train a Scottish club. The record was held by Willie Maley Celtic who coached for 43 years from 1897 to 1940.

6. He Like to Jumping at Pier
Ferguson often jump on the dock (into the water). He grew up in a poor area of ​​Glasgow where not much you can do other than play football, fighting, and jumping in the dock or often called "Dykes". "The most dangerous jump named after the king, the queen, the suicide, the diamond, and the spiky. We went to different areas in Govan challenge each other to jump. Because it is very dangerous. But, you do so while still a child because it did not have fear, "recalled Ferguson.

7. Fergie Time
This nickname came from supporters who said that his team Ferguson often get extra time of overtime that should have been when his team is behind. For example, when MU lags and additional time is three minutes. Supposedly, the game finished in the 93rd minute. However, the referee can add more. MU is now famous 2-1 win over Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final. At that time, MU got 76 seconds of extra time should be. To analyze the charge, last year, the BBC made an analysis of some extra time to Manchester United.

8. Alex or Alec?
The official name is the Manchester United manager Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson. Therefore, its name is often abbreviated Alex Ferguson. Apparently, a lot of people in football like writing Alec Ferguson because with Scottish background, his name was read that way (Alec). Ferguson school friend, Willie Miller, often called by the name of Alec. Former Scotland coach, Craig Brown, also called Alec. Ferguson himself had just never mind of it. Onomastik expert, Carole Hough, also said that both the name Alec and Alex are both popular in Scotland and England. But, Alec is more familiar in the north.

9. Terms maker
Ferguson speaking style and often led to a new term. Anger to the players rise to the term "hairdyer" (dryers) hair. If disappointment to his players, Ferguson did not hesitate and issuing angry rant right in the head as he mouths the player, such as a hair dryer to blow the head of the player. "Fear of getting a hair dryer into the reason why we all play nice. He's a manager who always wanted us to play well," said witness David Beckham. He also coined the term "squeky bum time". Lateral meaning time is very tight. Ferguson's statement to describe the tension and fierce competition Manchester United and Arsenal in 2003 at the last moments of the competition to determine who is the champion. The phrase was then inserted into the Collins English Dictionary in 2005.

10. Night Market Homes
Ferguson family lived in luxurious mansion in the area Wimslow, Chesire. The house was often called Fairfield. The name was given because his dad used to work at the shipyard shipbuilding company, Fairlfield. In memory of her beloved father, she calls her by the name of Fairfield.

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