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iPad mini review

The definitive guide to Apple's smaller, thinner, lighter, non-Retina iPad mini

Once upon a time Apple had a giant, business leading product that they intrepidly overshadowed by cathartic a rather cheaper, additional transportable version. That was Gregorian calendar month, 2004 and therefore the product was the iPod mini. this is often Oct, 2012 and Apple has simply done it once more with the not-coincidentally named iPad mini.

Like the iPhone five, the iPad mini appearance and feels virtually unreal. it is not a lot of smaller than the full-sized iPad four, 7.9-inches diagonally across the show instead of nine.7, however it's virtually twenty fifth dilutant -- as skinny because the last generation iPod bit -- and over five hundredth lighter. however it still runs a similar tablet-optimized version of iOS vi because the iPad four, and has access to a similar 700,000+ apps, 275,000+ of that area unit tablet-optimized.

Unlike the iPhone five and iPad four, however, the iPad mini uses last year's specs to urge that skinny and light-weight, and run all those apps. meaning no Apple A6-series processor, and most perceptibly, no membrane show.

So will movability ultimately win out over power and pel density, or is Apple's iPad mini a non-Retina non-starter?

While this is often the primary iPad mini Apple has ever discharged, it's in no way the primary iPad. For additional on Apple's pill platform normally, see our previous reviews. Since the iPad mini is internally classified as a variant of the iPad a pair of, for additional explicit data on it design, see the iPad a pair of review.

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