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BBM for Android and iOS Presented

Through the BlackBerry official twitter account: BBMWorldWide disclosed the launch date for BlackBerry msg for Android and iOS. In avery twet on the account mentioned BBM for Android and iOS are going to be presen on the end of June, 2013.

At the start of its launch later, the fuel can presentsome supporting options embody and group non-public chat, voice notes and share BlackBerry teams that may be enabled to share calendar info, files then any.

During its development, the fuel can probably additionally can have identical capabilities as native BBM on BlackBerry10. The add features options post unleash BBM for Android is voice and video line options, Screenshare to Channels. You may get everything simply to remain updated as was common and can be gift on your device desktop.

Much speculation arose regarding the launch of BBM for Android and iOS. However, the precise reason BlackBerry has its own increasing in Android and iOS.