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Check the unknown device with USB ID

Check the unknown device with USB ID
How to check the unknown device with USB ID

We need go to:

Device Manager > Unknown device properties > Detail > Check the Device Instance Id


413c       Dell Computer Corp.
                1002  Keyboard Hub
                2002  SK-8125 Keyboard
                2005  RT7D50 Keyboard
                2100  SK-3106 Keyboard
                2101  SmartCard Reader Keyboard
                2500  DRAC4 Remote Access Card
                3010  Optical Wheel Mouse
                4001  Axim X5
                4002  Axim X3
                4003  Axim X30
                8100  TrueMobile 1180 802.11b Adapter
                8103  Wireless 350 Bluetooth
                8126  Wireless 355 Bluetooth
                a001  Hub
                a700  Hub (in 1905FP LCD Monitor)

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