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Sharing Master Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 8

Keyboard Shortcuts for windows 8

Windows logo key+spacebar: Switch input language and keyboard layout

Windows logo key+O: Locks device orientation

Windows logo key+Y: Temporarily peeks at the desktop

Windows logo key+V: Cycles through toasts

Windows logo key+Shift+V: Cycles through toasts in reverse order

Windows logo key+Enter: Launches Narrator

Windows logo key+PgUp: Moves Metro style apps to the monitor on the left

Windows logo key+PgDown: Moves Metro style apps to the monitor on the right

Windows logo key+Shift+.: Moves the gutter to the left (snaps an application)

Windows logo key+.: Moves the gutter to the right (snaps an application)

Windows logo key+C: Opens Charms bar

Windows logo key+I: Opens Settings charm

Windows logo key+K: Opens Connect charm

Windows logo key+H: Opens Share charm

Windows logo key+Q: Opens Search pane

Windows logo key+W: Opens Settings Search app

Windows logo key+F: Opens File Search app

Windows logo key+Tab: Cycles through Metro style apps

Windows logo key+Shift+Tab: Cycles through Metro style apps in reverse order

Windows logo key+Ctrl+Tab: Cycles through Metro style apps and snaps them as they are cycled

Windows logo key+Z: Opens App Bar

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