Wireless LAN disabled when LAN is unplugged

Having problem with wireless LAN disabled when LAN is unplugged on the Alienware M17x.
When you install Windows 7, the 1510 wireless card does not work on the Alienware M17x. If you plug in the Ethernet cable, the wireless card is active, but when you unplug the cable, the wireless card does not work. This issue occurs because of incompatibility between the Broadcom wireless driver and NVIDIA Ethernet driver.

Perform one of the following options to fix this issue:

Option 1
1. Click the Start button, and then point to Settings, Control Panel, and then click Device Manager.
2. Click the plus sign next to Network Adapters, and then click NVIDIA nforce 10/100/1000 mbps ethernet adapter.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. Click Device sleep on disconnect, and then change the value to Disabled.
5. Click OK.

Option 2
1. Uninstall the NVIDIA Ethernet driver by clicking the Start button, pointing to Settings, Control Panel, and then clicking Programs and Features.
2. Select NVIDIA Drivers and double click. 
3. When the Removed NVIDIA Components window displays, click the radio button next to Remove only the following.
4. Check the box next to NVIDIA Ethernet Diver Components
5. Click Remove.
6. Restart the computer.