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Alienware Andromeda X51 Squeal Noise Issue

Andromeda has two squeal noise issues. One from Delta CPU fan and the other may be caused by CPU VR in idle state. Soon to be released Andromeda A04 BIOS will allow the user to change BIOS defaults to enable more CPU C3/C6-states and maximum single core turbo boost. The consequence of this change could be that the CPU VR may cause squeal noise in idle modes. Current A02 or A03 Bios has no support for C3/C6 states hence the squeal noise issue was mainly caused by Delta CPU Fan PN RR3J2 This PSQN will guide Tech Support to identify noise issues either causes by CPU VR or Delta CPU Fan and recommend related fixes.

Step to reproduce this issue:

  1. Confirm the system Bios revision is A01/A02/A03 or A04/later.
  2. If the BIOS is A04 or later version, go to BIOS Setup manual to check C-State Tech from Advanced tab.
  3. If it was set to Enabled, squeal noise may be generated when the system goes into C3 or C6 power saving mode. Disabled it and check if there is squeal noise still exist.
  4. If the noise remains, the issue may be caused by Delta CPU fan.
  5. For system shipped with Bios A03 or lower, the squeal noise is mainly caused by Delta CPU Fan.

What is the root cause?

  1. CPU Vcore dynamic VID changes which trigger input MLCC charge and discharge. The MLCC vibration generating squeal noise.
  2. Delta Fan noise is caused by PCB layout coupling effect and controller IC /driver issue
To recover from this issue when problem happen, Disabled C3/C6 CPU states from Advanced of BIOS Setup Menu.