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Soloshot is a workable solution

To help you do the recording your actions, Soloshot is a workable solution. Soloshot is an automatic tripod that can replace the role of cameramen to record your actions perfectly. Soloshot able to detect and automatically follow your movements even when the object is moving at a speed of 140mph though. Soloshot powered by a battery that can last up to 5 hours.

How to use it is very easy, just use waterproof sensor Soloshot into your hands and do pairing with Soloshot. After that, Soloshot will automatically record any actions you and follow your movements automatically as long as they are within 500m.

In addition to advanced, Soloshot also equipped with a safety system that can lock up a camcorder and tripod leg sections Soloshot so you can comfortably act without fear of camcorders and soloshot you steal people.

Soloshot Move the Base at anytime, even while tracking. You can also manually mark highlights, in real time, right from your Tag, and lets you live stream the action to the world. Additional features include a built-in touchscreen, WiFi connectivity and SOLOSHOTedit, our revolutionary intelligent highlight finding software.

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