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Most dangerous road

Regardless how "street" you're at home, "street" means something very different when you travel the roads are dark bands or risky, clinging to the cliff top. In many parts of the world, roads are poorly maintain and you have to share a lane with animals, bicycles, and abandoned vehicles. Even in America, there are places where drivers need to pay extra attention to the road. We want to get to the bottom of exactly where caution should be taken, and found five places with hazards which may never be considered, from the South American back roads with a poor track record for the purpose of driving the most dangerous in the U.S. So, whichever direction you are heading , seat belts and have a safe trip.


South Africa has some of Africa's most beautiful beaches, stunning subtropical climate, and an abundance of wildlife. It also has one of the highest rates in the world of car hijacking. According to police statistics, 10,627 carjackings occurred in the state 50 million last year-and-half in a small Gauteng province, home to Johannesburg and Pretoria. But before you cancel your flight, keep in mind that most of the victims are not seriously injured and that there are things you can do to reduce your chances of carjacking. This situation is so intimidating citizens can legally attach a small flamethrower for a car to drive a car hijacker (this certainly is not standard on car rental). Less extreme precautions include watching for signs marking the "blackspots carjacking or hotspot," keep the doors locked while driving, and do not stop to clear the accident, a vehicle that has been damaged, or even a car with blue lights-they are not necessarily the police. Deciding whether to stop at a red light in high-risk areas, especially at night, rather than risk a fine of piracy. More than 8.3 million people visited South Africa last year, more than 432,000 of them from the United States. Well over a third of the visitors are repeat visitors from America, South Africa proves appeal beyond its potential risks.

The nation's most dangerous roads

If you make to Mississippi, slow and curved upward. Statistically, with nearly 27 deaths per 100,000 road Mississippi, the state languish at the bottom of the list in the U.S. when it comes to road safety. Dark rural roads, high speeds, and lack of seat belt use is the main cause. More than half of those who died in the Mississippi in 2010 was not wearing a seatbelt, and, according to Reader's Digest study, Mississippi is one of the most deadly country for speeding. It is also one of 11 states where texting while driving is not against the law (even though it is illegal if you are driving with a learner's permit or provisional license). State Senate approved a ban on using SMS and mobile phone while driving in 2011, but the bill was rejected by the House Judiciary Committee in July 2012.

Back roads of Bolivia
Some of the most dangerous roads in the world again

Bolivia is the quality of the back roads away from what we are used to in the United States. Thoroughfares landlocked South American nation tend to be narrow, two-lane road with a bone-jarring holes, no shoulders, aggressive drivers, and melee donkey, ox carts, dogs, horses, and pedestrians share the road. The North Yungas Road-has been nicknamed "El Camino del Muerte." In other words, the Death Road, because of the staggering number of buses, cars, and trucks that had fallen over the edge and into the valley below. Sticking close-steep cliff face, without fences and 2,600-foot drops evaporate below, the road has become famous because of the high number of deaths. A piece of line 43 miles built by Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930s, El Camino has claimed thousands of victims due to snake round the hairpin bends of the capital city of La Paz to Coroico Amazon.

The most deadly animal in North America

Every year, there are about 1 million collisions with deer on U.S. roads, more than 100,000 of them in Pennsylvania, where the possibility of hitting a deer is one in 86. Deadliest month for deer collisions are November, when the stag has been struggling and mating on their minds. So turn up your high beams and watch for deer crossing signs posted, especially between 6 and 9 pm While deer made headlines in neighboring Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Alaska has a bleak winter for moose bumper collision. In February, the winter collisions more than 600 moose have been recorded. Back on the East Coast, New Hampshire is a bad state to be elk, moose car with about 250 meetings every year, a figure which is tolerable given the state of deer populations is only 6,000 strong.

Road to chaos-and most cows are most

renowned for its chaotic traffic, India is also likely to be the scariest place to drive. Giant traffic jams, six cars were crammed into three paths, and a complete disregard for traffic signs and markings: These are just some of the dangers of the journey you will encounter on the streets of India. Deafening sound of a car horn as a way to boil with cars, cows, mopeds, bicycles, and pedestrians. Outside the city, the ancient, precariously held together-vehicle hurtle along the poorly maintained roads at breakneck speed. Drivers often leave the car lights off at night when driving on bad roads or dark and sometimes completely off the engine when going downhill. If you have to drive in India-it is an experience you will never forget.


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