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The story Dishwashing Save 3 girl held captive

Charles Ramsey, a dishwasher, suddenly famous after its action to release the three women were detained at a house in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Ramsey was once a prisoner suddenly become heroes.

Ramsey became a viral phenomenon on the Internet. Interview with a local television shortly after rescue incident given background music and parodied. As a result, more than 400,000 times on YouTube witnessed.

On Twitter, Ramsay was suddenly famous. In the same interview, Ramsay stated before her rescue, she was eating a McDonalds burger. He also put his burger, approached the house where three women's confinement.

McDonald's restaurants were in action on Twitter with the tweet "We headed to Charles Ramsey, we'll see." McDonald's spokesman said he would meet with Ramsey to give him something.

When interviewed ABC and CNN, Ramsey refused to call himself a hero. He told the CNN host, if earlier he had no trouble sleeping because of money, now have trouble sleeping because of neighbors like Ariel Castro could confine women and children for many years at his residence.

Ramsey restaurant that employs Hodge, has made T-shirts showing the face Ramsey and the words "Hero of Cleveland" which proceeds will be handed over to three women who had been locked. Demand the shirt is up so that it collapses the top page can not be accessed.

The restaurant owner, Scott Kuhn, Ramsey declared a new work in its place 10 months. Ramsey argues, a "character and he can make you laugh and I love it."

However, Ramsey is not the only hero on Monday, May 6 it. There is one other neighboring Castro, Angel Cordero, who actually first broke down the door of the house to rescue the victim before shouting. Cordero broke the door is locked with a kick.

While Ramsey followed. However Ramseylah who contacted the emergency department and the police.

Past Ramsey

Ramsey, 43, is not a perfect human type. Well past dark.

In 1993, he was charged with receiving stolen goods so that the criminal gets a year in prison. In 2003, he did so that domestic violence was arrested 9 months. Later, he was divorced by his wife.

Mitchell Yelsky, Ramsey adviser in 2003, in Ramsey somebody to cooperation. "And now he's Cleveland hero and he's a hero of three women and a child. So whatever he did in the past, he has redeemed himself by heroic action on Monday," said Yelski.

While police have arrested three brothers Ariel, Pedro and Onil Castro in the case of confinement which afflict Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus this. Ariel was charged with a number of articles including rape.

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