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Miss World's Finalists at Pura Besakih Bali

Miss World is an international beauty contest initiated by Eric Morley in 1951 and was first held in England. Miss World 2013, which was held on 28 September 2013 is located in Bali, Indonesia. Miss World 2012, Yu Wenxia of the People's Republic of China will crown his successor at the end of the show. In the beauty contest that has been held since 63 years ago, the participants assessed more than intelligence and social missions that have been brought by the contestants.

Beautiful women from different countries, entering the area of ​​Besakih, in Karangasem city, Bali on Wednesday morning (11/09). They are the 130 finalists of Miss World 2013, which come from various countries and will be in Bali until the final night of 28 September 2013.
Karangasem councilors welcomed the participants of the Miss World 2013 Pura Besakih before entering the area and provide a typical souvenirs Karangasem on one of the finalists. After a short break they headed for the main courtyard of Pura Besakih is located at the foot of Mount Agung, Bali's highest mountain to praying. Led by Jero Mangku which led with English stage by stage basis fervently praying to be sprinkled with holy water (Tirta).
"Everything was quiet for reflect this moment . I pray for peace and humanity, " said contestant Olivia Jordan from the United States, 24 years old women from Tulsa, Oklahoma was admitted that the experience of worshiping at the Hindu temple was her first experience .
The contestants also feel blessed by the priest chanting prayers and the sprinkling of holy water (Tirta) given after praying.
"This temple is very receptive to us and this is very pleasant experience and I was blessed. We welcomed by a culture we never experience at home" said Olivia the beautiful woman with the height of 180 centimeters. Contestants from Norway, Alexandra Marie Backstorm admitted that praying at the biggest temple in Bali it was her first experience. "This temple is very beautiful. I pray to the contest went well and pray for the family hopefully in good shape," she said. After doing worship, the contestants also had the opportunity to surround the temple area and learn Balinese dance along with the kids briefly.
Visit to Besakih Temple is one of the agenda of the world's beauty contest before the final summit scheduled evening on 28 September 2013. All be peaceful, there were no tight safeguards. Even the women giving a sweet smile to the crew of the media and other visitors.
Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort also introduced the culture of the island to 130 contestants world beauty contest " Miss World " during the quarantine period. "It is our pride to provide a pleasant experience that will become part of an unforgettable journey of the contestants while in Indonesia , " said General Manager Ivan Casadevall to news agency in Denpasar. According to him, with a touch characteristic of the Pacific offered through the calm and natural atmosphere, contemporary Balinese style architecture became a way to introduce the Bali culture to the arena of beauty queen contestants worldwide who stay for five days, 2-6 September 2013.

A touch of culture is also given to the contestants when they engage in a wide variety of training such as learning to dance the traditional Indonesian dance, performing arts skill performance, and shooting in the backdrop of the resort with tropical gardens, golf courses, Indian Ocean and sunset views behind the sublime majesty of Pura Tanah Lot.
The contestants are also greeted with the friendly Balinese rindik music played by artists from Beraban village, Kediri, Tabanan.

The final event will be broadcast simultaneously in 160 countries in the world so well as a wonderful introduction to the culture and tourism of the country.

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