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Apple get ready to Sues Samsung Galaxy S4

Feud Apple and Samsung increasingly tapered. Although a federal judge in California has asked both peace and limit the number of products in violation lawsuit, it did not deter Apple to a new lawsuit.

According to information from Florian Mueller, author of a blog FOSS Patents, Apple plans to sue the the latest flagship smartphone Samsung - Galaxy S4. Apple has asked U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh to include the Galaxy S4 to the list of products that infringe Apple patents.

"Apple has analyzed S4 and concluded that the devices violate patents. Apple plans to add the Galaxy S4 as an infringing product," Mueller wrote, quoted from Cnet, Wednesday (05/15/2013).

Both Apple and Samsung are now no longer allowed to add to the list the product lawsuit. Because of this, Apple would remove one of the devices in a patent lawsuit list and replace it with the Galaxy S4 in order to keep the number 22.

Apple now bagged 22 list of products that claimed Samsung violated Apple's patents. Rival Samsung also has brought 22 Apple devices that infringe patents in court.

The list of products is the Apple sued Samsung: Samsung Admire, Samsung Captivate Glide, the Samsung Conquer 4G, Samsung Dart, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 , Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung Illusion, Samsung Stratosphere and Samsung Transform Ultra.

While the list of Samsung sued Apple products including the Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPad, Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4, Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPod Touch (5th generation), Apple iPod Touch (4th generation), Apple iPod Touch (3rd generation), Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iMac, Apple Mac Mini, Apple Mac Pro, Apple iTunes (including iTunes Match), Apple iCloud, Apple TV ( 3rd generation) and Apple TV (1st generation).

Samsung Galaxy S4 had just launched on March 14, 2013 last. 5 inch HD screen smartphone is regarded as one of the competitors and the iPhone will probably be the biggest threat to Apple's next smartphone.

Unfortunately it does not explain what violations Galaxy S4. Reported Sammobile, the latest court case is scheduled to be held next year. Apple and Samsung began feuding since April 2011.

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