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Dramatic Champions League semifinal, Ronaldo busy with hair

Champions League 2013. Real Madrid are excluded, manager Jose Morinho can not speak anymore. Ronaldo was busy with his hair neatly combed. Dortmund steady game, can not match real madrid dortmund. Many have lost the bet. Gratitude does not come bets. Barca are also in place in the champion breaks. Manager Pep Guardiola has been dismissed or resigned. Barca have started down the ranks. Manchester United manager Sir Alex with less qualified on the champion but won in the Premier League. Sir Alex is great. Manager Dortmund nice glasses, glasses make a win. Bayern Munich first team is of good.

Panzer Team Germany that good mentality, not a quitter and despair that often the German team entered the semi-finals and even the finals leagues. Spanish matador bull team team manager Del Bosque needs. Jose Morinho was going to resign, move to another club manager. Football team in the western world that good because of coaching that consistently, not easily influenced, focus on the goal, do not want to be a spectator only, complete support facilities, and football players are guaranteed to not have to work life other than football. Even in western countries seem there is a football school. The football player is also given that after quitting football skills can work on something else for her life. Sometimes unexpected things happen in life such as failing to be football players because of lack of discipline, lack of coaches, are less willing to set up, the cause of the failure. In the west of the soccer player salary once. Big salary player Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Puyol, and others.

Advanced western countries and the value of the currency is greater than the value of money developing country so naturally expensive. Westerners no longer work once it has been able excursion abroad while the poor can be difficult because of the money. Cost of living in developed and developing countries when compared to the expense of its currency and the exchange rate is almost similar. But the West has been able to create stadium, skyscrapers, aircraft, helicopters, engines vehicles, and other sciences because its versatility. They've learned since many centuries ago so be smart and even genius, while developing countries are still in the learning process toward it without forgetting the traditional culture as a heritage that should be preserved.

Versatility developing countries is still limited mostly theoretical brilliance so say many are not comparable with the results of science and technology. It is hard to implement because of the impact of science and technology in developing countries to live within, for example, that competition is not healthy, the public mindset, not used to working hard to think because it is still an agricultural country, and by the progress of science and technology is not the ideals of the society, it is only the changes that timeless. The past was replaced by the present and the future is now replaced by. Old school old house replaced with new homes and new home refurbished with new models. Cassava with burger, cheese, milk, and others. Gloves replaced by lea pants, Levis, and others, including glasses and others. That's how life is always changing so let's not be sad because the change is no good things in changes such as improving the quality of life. To be continued

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