Liberty Reserve SCAM! website in close by public authorities

This shocking news, the news stating that the Liberty Reserve website (online payment processor) which is used for financial transactions, particularly in the forex trading business, is declared closed by the authorities. Liberty Reserve site closure is due to forcible arrest of the founder and owner of Liberty Reserve is named Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk in money laundering or Money Laundering.

Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk which is a Ukrainian citizen, was arrested by state police, Costa Rica, in cooperation with the U.S. police. Costa Rica police officer Jose Pablo Gonzalez stated that it had long Belanchuk Arthur Budovsky related money laundering investigation, which has been since 2011. And the horrendous that the investigation was based on indications of money laundering occurring in the company owned by Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, namely Liberty Reserve.

Liberty Reserve site which is one of the leading Online Payment Processor, indicated a tool for Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk to practice money laundering crime, particularly money from the narcotics trade, and also from pornography sites that make the children as objects.

Arrests made by police Costa Rica can not be separated from the investigation conducted by the U.S. police since 2007. So finally, Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk can be captured thanks to cooperation between the two law enforcement institutions of Costa Rica and the United States.

Then the big question is, if true Liberty Reserve site was closed forever, then what will happen to the owners of the Liberty Reserve account, which still have the funds there? Is there then an attempt of the authorities to assist these people in order to get their money back, or maybe there is another procedure? To be sure we still have to wait for the continuation of the case of money laundering by the site owner Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk Liberty Reserve. Hopefully there is a way out which is best, especially for the owners of the funds in Liberty Reserve.

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