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BlackBerry Still Dominates Smartphone Market

BlackBerry still dominates the smartphone market in Indonesia. With a market share of 53.6 percent, BlackBerry managed to occupy the top position the country smartphone market.

RIM Indonesia Marketing Director, Eka Anwar, say, BlackBerry users in Indonesia is very high. These include BlackBerry users offered apps.

"Our expect this position to survive, a number of our customers even more, can control 60 to 70 percent or more market share in smartphones Indonesia," Eka said, in a press conference at the opening of the BlackBerry Lifestyle Store BEC, Punawarman Road, Bandung.

Moreover, he said, RIM is currently working with Oke Shop adds BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in Bandung. Where the total BlackBerry by Oke Shop outlets as much as ten outlets in Indonesia.

Eka claimed to not know the exact numbers of BlackBerry users in Indonesia. "actually most BlackBerry users in big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, and other city," he said.

Director of Retail Shop Okay, Evy Soenarjo, say, the BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in BEC is the first in Bandung. It deliberately opened outlets in Bandung because Bandung saw BlackBerry users is high.

"The different of BlackBerry outlet to another outlet here is our official warranty from RIM, and its expert staff are certified, and consumers can immediately try when they wanted to buy a BlackBerry smartphone," said Evy.

In addition, says Evy, BlackBerry Lifestyle Store also features the BlackBerry Expert Center, where providing after-sales service to customers who buy the official BlackBerry.

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