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Physics was easy part 2

Lesson physics lifting force a plane, machines, angle slope of the road in trajectory veered, electricity, and other. Physics makes the head of dizzy willing to rupture. Answering matter of physics in high school, university test, and others make the brain need reformatted. Matter of physics children school is incredibly hard deserve alone physics does not preferred by children school because his lesson about airplanes. Western Science's technology could make the plane, machines, the building, and other seemed to because of cleverness of physics.

Math contest I've ever been represent at high school, but physics KO. Physics sometimes hard or complicated such as style of lift aircraft fly, distance lightning, solar system, energy, and other. It is clear physics more difficult than mathematics. People out there already could make the plane, the building, and other with the technology. Looks like more easily make the building from constructions steel, iron, and other compared to make aircraft able to fly.

Adi Wiriawan champion on physics, Ir. Marthen Kanginan expert on physics, Prof. BJ. Habibie expert on physics also, and Wardiha also expert on mathematics and physics. They someday will becomes a Prof. or Ir. because able thinking of hard/ complicated issue.

Sometimes think could be more difficult than working. Worked tired, think make buildings or home is also as tired. Looks like adi Wiriawan, Wardiha will someday be able become prof which designing or makes the building, the streets winding twisty with angle alpha, hotel starry, and others with his team work because has a cleverness in the field of mathematics and physics.

I'm always giving a supporting in behind him, Wardiha, Adi Wiriawan whom expert on mathematics and physics. The Cleverness Wardiha, Adi Wiriawan could hard-equaled. IQ of Wardiha and Adi Wiriawan maybe altitude. Wardiha could remember the 12 digit figures in calculator in a jiff. Adi Wiriawan could make mathematical formulas even maybe also physics. Adi Wiriawan seemed to ever been to Taiwan because of cleverness on physics and his math.

Math problem until matter of high-level sometimes could be answered and rarely once not could when already thought out but a matter of physics high level sometimes remain difficult even though already thought out until head willing to rupture. Physics is more difficult than mathematics because the formulas of physics about lift force plane able to fly. When we could qualified on physics, possibly aluminum or iron could be made fly become a plane, helicopters, like plane flew in the movies :).

Mr. Carlie was born 4 February could make the plane able to fly probably because of his mathematical formulas, his physics which very qualified so that his plane can fly from America until Europe. Mr. Carlie be given prize 150,000 dollar by government of America. Mr. Carlie was greeted by president of America, Britain, France because of his cleverness. Mr. Carlie and Americans persons Thomas inventor or maker the electric light bulb was alone deserve could make the weird too. Of course the intelligences is different for America and moreover, they have a aircraft factory, whereas I'm wherein get a aircraft materials? and let alone materials airplanes so expensive. Money also not got. Make the house shortage of cost for buy the building materials, moreover plane!. Lol

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