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Physics was easy part 1

Lesson physics indeed such as weird and somewhat boring. For example:

A walking down the street, while a cricket sounds in the distance, the sound threshold that can still be heard by a normal ear 20 decibels. If for example the crickets sound intensity level 50 dB measured from a distance of one meter. Suppose that sounds crickets sketchy on stepped street, what is the sound of crickets distance with a step that?
A cycling the motor in the road sounded the horn with level of sound intensity 50 decibels of places a sitting, what is the distance motorcycle it was from place a sitting. Rapid propagation of the sound of in the air 340 m/s and horn sounded 0.8 seconds after horn pushed?

A child riding a bicycle, while still on the ramp, the bike was not in the pedal again but left drove away. When mass of child it 40 kg, force of gravity 10 m/s quadratic. Diameter bicycle wheel it 40 cm. Angle slope of incline it 30 degrees, mass of bike 20 kg, moment of inertia tire bicycle suppose the mR square of, specify speed of translational and speed of rotation the bike it when were in basic incline?

A fish were in bottom of the lake. When the refractive index of light 1n the refractive index of water 4/3. What is the distance verily fish in lake it was when viewed from above with a height 180 cm?

Lake choppy when the wind blows, the waves lake suppose transverse waves with a length of wave 30 cm, period 2 second, what is the propagation the wave it? when distance is the waves it 100 meters from the edge of lake, how many long does until arrives in edge of lake?

A child were in the side of cliff a lake. Child it was yelled and his voice causing interesting reverberations, echoes sounding 0.7 second later, when fast wave propagation sound of 340 m / s, what is the distance cliff it from kid it?

A boat oaring in lake by a child, part the boat which sinking 20 cm, when a a child who new follow to go up into inside a boat ago wading lake, how many part of boat who drowned?

A Jet plane flashed in the sky. Level of intensity of jet is 140 sd 160 dB when measured from a distance of 0.9 meter. Suppose jet faint sounded from place are located, what is the distance of it jet?

Physics appropriate to make heads going to explode. Physics is the science that makes iron can walk or even can fly. Until my hair out whenever I can not make iron can walk or even can fly like a fool Carlie of Aquarius.

Qualified soccer coach Sir Alex is capricorn star, and Premier League champions belong to Manchester United. Spain won the European and world cup champions with coach Del Boque is capricorn star. Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola with capricorn star. If capricorn star football coach could be difficult to defeat because supposedly when a football coach is qualified person, the team also qualified. Why is the capricorn person could be a talented genius.-helooooow?-   

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