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The story History of European nations

Soviet mess supposedly because the character of the nation. For example, the Soviet Union joined a quiz and asked the audience the wrong answers given so that a void can prize quiz. It shows that most Russian people like envy, jealousy, and hard to see pleased and happy to see people hard. May also dictatorial attitude and hard like Stalin, and others who do not know the compromise that broke the Soviet UVI or rupture. Means people who like to castrate men thrive, like jealousy and envy, dictator, internal competition can actually be messy or difficult to develop. Soviet Union used to be a superpower like the United States, but now is far behind.

Soviet like to compete with the Americans, but the attitude of the Soviet Union disintegrated that just makes a mess. Another case Smoothie America teamwork, loyal friend, just solid hard mess. Like the adage 'united we stand, divided we fall'. Indeed, it could be detrimental to unity, unity especially dangerous in a narrow zone, which is not healthy competition, internal competition, and competition is compartmentalized box in a different flag. American union state in the country but their union remained as a nation. Another case of Yugoslavia who also broke into Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia. Differences in outlook on life, the character of the nation that has made a mess. There is no lag Yugoslavia. If Indonesia is also the same as the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and others are falling apart then there is a possibility of Indonesia could experience internal conflict due to a lack of awareness as a nation under the slogan of national unity which means one is different but still.

Life also requires the mutual trade within the country and abroad regardless of political issues in the country. Indonesia does not everyone thinks like that because of the nature of regionalism is still strong as former feudal state so it will be a little wise adage 'where there foot rests upheld sky' should always be remembered. There is a difficult thing to change and can not be changed in life. A nation can thrive because of its character and has been since the first continuous learning in the process of creating goods and services needs. For example, residents of English football likes to work, likes to party, music, singing, soccer, science so that it can be qualified in English. English football can be qualified her as their hobby. They can also be qualified science and technology because they lesson. Issac newton, james watt steam engine maker born in England. Mr BJ.habibie Indonesia so most people born in Indonesia can be intelligent. Borobudur temple could be built with mutual aid in earlier times meant in earlier times was good at that in today can be clever, but the lesson to make the temple had been forgotten for some reason or another.

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