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Rather than being the clever

Instead of being clever people who can design the stadium, the streets winding twisty, tunnel housing the vulnerable population of the flood to the sea, star hotels, and the hard difficult, is better to being people who live happily.

Rather than being a wealthy man from a country, is better that having righteous
sublime manner.

Being important people, officials better be that good hearted people. However be important as high-ranking officials, it is important to be able to live safe, peaceful, and prosperous.

Being rich is also important because if you can "dharma, arta, kama, moksha".

Arta as much wealth as possible as long as it was obtained by the dharma of honesty, truth. For example,
the rich could help the others by giving charity. If there are ten thousand people each rich and generously helping others a hundred thousand, then 1M fund to help those who live deficiencies so that there is no longer a hard and difficult life. Each person can live well, eat drink can dress decent and had safe place to stay. Life could like a beautiful rainbow roses smelled fragrant. There's nothing hostile, noisy because of life issues.
Hostility, noisy, and so on can sometimes be caused by nature of greedy with money and possessions. If people can sometimes hungry, angry as possible so that economic issues are also important, but more important to be a sexy lady like justin b. lol