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Ceki Cards Full Deck EN

Cekian card number sanga, kobar, kinchi, who used to play is 24 x 4 + 6 x 4 = 96 + 24 = 120 pieces in use by 5 players to wager money or without money. Cekian cards used in percussion "rah" or "tajen", while accompanying the body in death, and others depending on the purposes for cheer. Randomized cekian card, if each one a card then the chances of getting kobar is total card number is divided by the sample space or the number of cards = 4/120 = 1/30.

If one takes the four cards at once then the chances of getting four of them are flaming card (mathematical formula increases opportunities hard) when cekian five playing cards, each player took eleven cards ceki at first, what is the probability that a ceki get soca (three or four) kobar? (Almost can not be answered by means of combinations, permutations, enumeration method). The first person may take 12 cekian card, a card that should be discarded. Players in addition to his right to take the card if necessary or not pick it up and take a rest in a pile of cards.

Take a card on the left or take cekian card in the stack, and so on until there are looking for or "Nyaga". A first reply Kismet or Nyaga first chance to win the game unless the card is used or Nyaga Kismet is up in the pile of cards being carried by other players or have been removed. In meceki no chance or luck factor, cleverness play that card first Kismet or Nyaga. Sometimes a person can not be honest in meceki "kongkalingkong" with his partner on the left or right in order to be a good card, so the fastest Kismet or Nyaga, can be left or right lyrics tolah toleh on the player's cards on the left and right so that both cards on the left can wait and try to keep the cards are discarded so as not to get on the right quickly Kismet Nyaga.

In ceki can arise dishonesty, conspiracy or "kongkalingkong", and the other to win the game because almost everyone hoping to win but people are not honest because money is life. In meceki just plain people who, lacking sense, can be defeated by good luck hope by dishonest people in life that seem to apply it as Panca Pandavas and Kauravas. Panca Pandavas gambled supposedly invited by the Kauravas, playing dice or the like, even to bet his palace. Sakuni reputedly cunning and deceptive Panca Pandavas within the gambling game so Panca Pandavas had lost by cunning Sakuni. Panca Pandavas supposedly must escape from the royal palace because it was losing gamble. Later in life problems arise between Panca Pandavas and Kauravas while they are still brothers.

Within it Panca padawa less restraint would be invited to gamble by betting palaces, and also cunning Sakuni justify the means. So who's wrong in that case? Treasure and the throne is often a bone of contention, competition in this life. Due to the throne, Sakuni colleagues Panca Pandavas Kauravas had to cheat. Because of lack of self-control, Panca Pandavas wanted to have gambled by betting palace. Panca Pandavas honest, devious Kauravas so that the honest and less self-control can be defeated or deceived by the crafty people who like to justify any means. Pandavas also mistaken for lack of self-control and it really is not a good gamble but just entertainment only. Kauravas and Sakuni be mistaken for cunning, deceptive and treasure for the sake of the throne.

In the battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas told about the Way that courageous, strong and tough, muscle wire iron bones. Yudhisthira told also about the dharma with his dog who supposedly refused yagn hostile to his own brother. Why do you have to fuss with it?

Also told the mahadewi, meaning she had a role in treasure, throne, and the woman that world peace is difficult because of the treasure, throne, woman or man who is a "Sad Ripu" is life's greatest enemy is ourselves, others not our enemy as "Tat Wam Asi "or I was you which is the sacred spark of God. Self alone is the enemy in this life. Dharma, arta, kama and moksha. Arta dharma that it should be based on eternal life. Arta obtained not in the way of eternal dharma can not even cause problems, disasters, and bad karma for themselves.

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