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Choose Desktop or Laptop

You may feel confused to choose, whether to buy a desktop computer or a laptop. I believe the following info will help you to take the right decision before buying a computer to fit your needs.

We begin with the advantages of using a laptop:
  • Mobility of data (can be taken anywhere)
  • Lightweight and small so easy to store
  • Perfect for those who travel a lot but can not leave your job
  • Saving in power consumption

And the shortcomings:
  • Treatment is quite troublesome, especially batteries (the tendency to damage the battery becomes an important issue, because the mobility itself requires you to be able to work anywhere and at anytime, would require adequate power quality)
  • Susceptible to damage (such as dead pixels on the LCD example, operating system crash, etc.)
  • Costly repairs
  • Easy to heat (even if equipped with a cooler pad, laptop still hot because the size is minimized to make the heat spread to the rest of the laptop)
  • Easy to get dirty (however your protection, your laptop would still easy to get dirty, and the most annoying is the difficulty in cleaning it)
  • Can not be upgraded (hardware components in the laptop can not be upgraded to increase performance, if it can be limited to the addition of RAM or hard drive)
  • The price is quite expensive (although in the market, netbooks have reached 2 million range but if synchronized with the desktop computer, the specification is obtained far from enough)
  • Resale price plummeted (laptop is the console, so the specifications existing at the time of purchase will not be able to be sold back to the appropriate price range)

So now we turn to desktop computers, profit can be made, among others:
  • Can be upgraded (this is its biggest advantage, so the computer can follow the demands of time without having to replace the entire device in it)
  • A cheaper price (said to be cheaper because you can adjust with the funds you have computer specifications)
  • Easy to maintain and repair (easy because the damage does not affect the other components so that you can just replace the defective devices only)

but also there are flaws in it:
  • No mobile (can not be taken anywhere because it is huge)
  • Power consumption is quite large.

Thus the comparison of the two types of computers, so real and obvious difference of the two following with deficiency and excess, respectively, but still you are decisive.

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