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How to Save and Caring Notebook Battery

Actually I myself have not wear anymore laptop, since the laptop assigned to a sister who got his laptop shock by lightning, so my current favorite desktop to be imported here, but anyway how to treat the battery to be more durable and can be worn longer, I think I ought to share.

Laptop battery itself can not be denied to be one of the vital parts of the laptop itself, and I'm sure battery life into your consideration in buying a laptop (both of the specification to the credibility of the brand in terms of laptop battery). The longer the battery life, the longer battery life, the taste of their role.
Okay do not need length, we discussed it.

1. Power Plan Set your suit your needs or usage.

Windows operating system (I take the example of Windows 7) provides features Power Options where this feature to manage the power consumption of your laptop. This feature can be found in the control panel. Generally / By default, Windows will use the Balanced mode where power consumption is set to normal use. Click on Change Plan Settings just to the right to see the Balanced setting this mode (default :: On Battery: Turn off the display 5 minutes | Put computer to sleep 15 minutes) and can be clicked for more detail on advanced Change Power Settings in section lower (ranging from setting on the hard drive, standby and hibernation).

Recommendation from me is to keep using Balanced mode but how long adjust LCD settings for standby and how long the system will run only on the Sleep mode option On Battery. Another way, if you think your battery is in poor condition, you can quickly change the Power Options with normal left click on the battery icon in the corner of the taskbar, and then change to Power Saver option to minimize the power consumption quickly.

2. Reduce the brightness and use wallpaper or Blank Screen Saver.

As with mobile phones, the brightness of the screen a bit much effect on battery life, so I suggest to reduce the brightness (contrast LCD image) to be a bit more dim, especially when using more laptops in a well lit room, adjust to the eye catching so do not be lit lit also. There is also a screensaver or wallpaper using the dark, so the screen does not need extra work to display it on the screen.

3. Reduce the use of USB devices.

Did you?? if the USB device borrows power from your laptop (wear more precisely, if it means returning) so unwittingly laptop battery faster. Immediately unplug the USB device when not in use, especially if the laptop is not plugged the adapter. Enough power consuming devices such as external HDD, mobile phones, and USB mouse (only clay lamp much so).

4. Charge the laptop is off

If that is indeed my personal opinion. I prefer charging batteries are switched off and the battery condition is already going out (below 25%) or when the battery indicator is blinking sign up. This meant that the battery is actually charging to full power without the use of batteries again.

Please charge the battery. Charging up to a full 100 percent. If the battery is running low, charging battery again, but do not wait until the battery is completely empty. This will make battery capacity to work well.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use

Often we forget to turn off wifi and bluetooth after use, and it can actually make the power wasted. Immediately turn off this function, if it is not used so that no power is allocated to the device.

Suggestions for treatment, never remove the battery just because assuming the battery will last longer if removed. Indonesia's regional electric currents still love to ride down can make the voltage in the system becomes unstable. Indeed, with the adapter, the instability does not directly affect the system but instead adapter which will die first. The battery can be a lifesaver when a sudden power failure so it does not make the laptop died suddenly (died of shock because there is no electricity).

Thus the tips, those who had guarded her laptop batteries fit anymore because if the battery instead blamed destitute.

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