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Cristiano Ronaldo return to Manchester United

New boss Moyes hopes to speak recent Trafford recent boy into abandoning attempt to see out Bernabeu contract then pass on £60m Bosman

Cristiano Ronaldo has denied claim he had signed a replacement Real capital of Spain contract.

The odds tumbled on the 27-year-old creating a dramatic come back to Manchester United once he tweeted: “All the news regarding my renewal with Real capital of Spain square measure false.”

United manager David Moyes is hoping he will persuade the Portuguese sensation to come back to recent Trafford as he tweaks the title-winning squad he is familial following Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement, however Ronaldo plans to check out his current deal at the Bernabeu.

He has 2 seasons left on the six-year Real contract signed once his record £80million move from the Reds to capital of Spain in 2009.

It is understanding that strategy of Ronaldo is to run down his contract - permitting him to depart for nothing in 2015 – then demand a £60m signing-on fee from his next club.

Real president Florentino Perez is wanting to tie him to a extended deal, making certain the player stays in capital of Spain through the height years of his career, and had leaked claims he was to stay till 2018.

While Real square measure ready to DOUBLE Ronaldo’s current £185,000-a-week remuneration during a bid to stay their main man, French champions Paris Saint-Germain - funded by the bottomless pockets of the Qatari house - square measure willing to pay no matter it'd desire land him.

And on, billionaire-backed French facet princedom were connected with a world-record €100million (£85m) bid for the player.

However, it appears Ronaldo desires to stay master of his own destiny which he can force Real to simply accept his terms.

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