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Natural way of healthy diet

This is an article about Natural Diet , how to reduce excess weight with safe, healthy and fast.

Here are some tips How to Diet with Natural ways:

1. Eat Foods Rich in Protein
Calorie for calorie, protein is known to satisfy the appetite more than carbohydrates or fats. Foods rich in protein can usually satisfy your appetite, therefore, good to emphasize the importance of protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and whole grains in your diet.

2. Forget Calories
The principle of calorie is true, but this does not change the obvious fact that different types of calories burned differently in the body. Often only considered in the way fat low calorie diet, there is evidence that when the calories are the same, individuals who consumed the most fat actually lose more weight.
Moreover, the effect of some foods on appetite and weight will determine the ability to eat. The key to weight loss in the long term is not concentrating on the amount that you eat, but the quality of its food.

3. Eat a little, do too much
When we are hungry, it is difficult for us to control what we eat and how much. Eating between meals and eat less nuts or fruits in the afternoon / evening to make us eat more healthy meals at odd hours.

4. Eat foods with a low glycemic index (GI)
GI is a measure of the speed and the amount by which a food releases sugar into the bloodstream. The higher the GI number of food, the lower the satisfaction in the can. Of 20 studies published between 1977 and 1999, 16 studies have shown that low GI foods can provide the satisfaction derived from eating and reduce hunger afterwards.
Besides potatoes other protein-rich foods that also have a very low GI number, include beans, lentils, and most fruits and vegetables.

5. Breakfast
Breakfast early in the morning for most were people can help prevent overeating during the day. This phenomenon was studied formally in the research published in the Journal of Nutrition. This study shows that people who consume more food at night, on average consuming more calories than people who eat large portions of food early. So in order to have a natural appetite, make sure you do not forget to eat breakfast.

6. Use Small Plates
Adequate portions would be difficult if we eat by using a large plate, because eating using a large plate can be a tendency to serve and eat more than required. Therefore eating by using smaller plates and bowls can help limit excessive eating.
In addition, eating regularly is also associated with low levels of insulin (a hormone that can cause weight gain in the body by stimulating the production of fat).

7. Do not Buy Food
One way is a good diet with proper food selection patterns, because unhealthy food is too easy to obtain, and difficult to resist. A fairly easy way to achieve this is to make sure not to shop at the supermarket when hungry. So eat before shopping.

8. Limit Alcohol Consumption
One way to reduce the consumption of unwanted calories is to reduce drinking alcohol. Most desire to drink alcohol because of the perception that produced by alcohol in the form of taste and relaxation effect.
But, that is not widely known is that drinking can also be caused thirst and hunger. Maintaining thirst and do not go to bars or restaurants when hungry can suppress alcohol intake.

9. Chew Your Food
Eating more slowly can help ascertain the amount of food absorbed by the body and may reduce the risk of overeating. Ideally, food should be chewed thoroughly before swallowing. It can also help us not to touch the food and cutlery again until the food actually eaten whole.

10. Find Your Ideal Diet
Psychological research shows that every human being has a level of dexterity metabolism differently to certain foods. For example, some people have a very good metabolism of fat, while the other has some prime to carbohydrate metabolism.

Some foods to help you diet
1. An apple a day, apple consumption may help natural diet, at lunch, consumption of apple is better than apple juice.

2. Breakfast with eggs, it turns out the people who diligently consume eggs breakfast with a lower total calorie intake in food every day.

3. Natural diet with oranges. Apparently there are ingredients in orange, which if eaten with protein, it triggers fat burning process to lose weight.

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