Have a healthy child would be very happy

Have a healthy child would be very happy for us all. Children are cheerful, ideal body weight, and smart and has a good appetite seems very expected each parent. The characteristics of healthy children not only in terms of physical, but also in terms of psychic and how she was socializing with the environment. 

According to the Ministry of Health characteristics of healthy children there are 9:

  1. Grow well, which can be seen from the increase in body weight and height were regular and proportionate. You can see in the table height and weight for babies and children.
  2. The general level of development according to age level. You might be able to compare the physical and mental condition of the children his age.
  3. Gated active, agile and happy.
  4. Clean and shining eyes.
  5. Good appetite.
  6. Lips and tongue look fresh.
  7. Breathing is odorless.
  8. Skin and hair look clean and not dry.
  9. Easy to adjust to the environment.

Simply put, healthy children in terms of physical, psychological and socialization are:
  1. In terms of physical health of the body and is characterized by the normal physical growth.
  2. In terms of psychological, healthy children develop naturally the soul, the mind grow intelligent, sensitive feelings grow, willingness to socialize well.
  3. In terms of socialization, the child is active and agile pond, cheerful and easy to adjust to the environment.

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