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Tea flavor of Various Countries

Drinking tea has become known to all over the world with different variations from green tea, black tea, white tea, and more.

For tea lovers who are located overseas, you do not need to panic. The initiative, there are several countries that attend any tea taste.

State of the Rising Sun is not only famous for its sushi food alone, this state is also known for Matcha Tea. This type of slow growing tea in a place not exposed to direct sunlight, until the leaves have a striking green color.

The leaves are then processed by hand, resulting in a value of Tea Matcha powder is high enough selling point.

At the beginning of this country are drinking tea, and until now China has become the world's largest tea exporter. China's tea plantations spread to the furthest corners of the countryside, with green tea being superior varieties.

State of origin of the famous Tea Bamboo Curtain is flower tea. This tea is a blend of green tea with flower buds of some kind.
With a mixture of various types of flowers that give this special aroma of this tea to add a sense of grace.

In India this tea well known as Masala Chai. In general, the Masala Chai consists of black tea mixed concentrated milk. First previous boiled milk with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper, and some other spices.

Further then mix milk with various spices are mixed into a tea.
Masala Chai can be found along the streets of Mumbai, but the Mumbai Tea Centre is the most recommended for this drink.

State 'Red Bear' is not only famous for its vodka drinks only. In this state is also a tea specialty drinks. Is samovars, oval teapot from metal commonly used to cook the tea leaves.

This teapot filled black tea given various scents, ranging from fruit to herbs. In the former Soviet Union You can also try this tea ritual at Perlov Tea House, Moscow.

In English tea with elements of black tea mixed with milk, sugar, or lemon called Devonshire Tea. This drink is usually enjoyed in the company of Scones, a typical English bread given cream or jam.

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