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Restoring Lost Data on Flash Disk

Once the virus is completely gone from the flash disk, it is time to restore the data hidden (Hidden). Here are the steps:

1. Open Command Prompt, can by clicking Start - Run, type cmd or command (for Windows 98/ME).

2. Once open the command prompt window, then type attrib-h-r-s-a / s / df: (the notes are in the C drive, for example: C: \ Documents and Settings \ Papa> attrib-h-r-s - a / s / df:)

3. Then after the command is typed, then enter.

4. If step no.2 does not work, you move the position of drive C to drive flash disk (usually F), to move the position of the drive, follow these steps, if the position of the flash disk in the computer or laptop is on drive F, then (as an example) and C: \ Documents and Settings \ Papa> F: then enter then will move to drive F: \>

5. Once in position the flash disk drive and then type the same command with step # 2, but for f: who is behind is removed, for example: F: \> attrib-h-r-s-a / s / d, then enter.

6. After this process, now try to check the folders or files on the flash disk.

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