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Smart Glasses Google Glass

Google Glass are so clever conversation material. Device that can function like a computer or a smartphone is reaping the debate.

Google Glass does look cool related functions that can access the internet, showing the direction to record images. But there is also a terrible thought. In developer event Google I / O recently, Google asks opinions about Google Glass.

"I had dinner with my friend for 30 minutes and he said that this device makes fear," said Allen Firstenberg, a technology consultant.

Google is already selling Google Glass on several developer worth $ 1500. Most of the developers do not use it at certain times, for example during a working meeting or at the gym. Therefore, they do not want suspected spy.

One feature of concern is that Google Glass can record video with voice commands enough. Related to these features, a restaurant and casino even since long ago already banned the use of Google Glass with privacy reasons.

Indeed, it's been a lot of cameras with a variety of forms sold for spying. But Google is different because Glass is used on the face.

"The face is a truly intimate and the presence of an in situ technology was rocked. Like the spy plane without the crew," said Ryan Calo, professor of law at the University of Washington.

But the judge Google Google Glass acceptance in the wider community is only a matter of time. "Unavoidable criticism from those who fear change or they are not sure people will adapt," said the chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt.

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