System on Battery Full HD Panel will Turn Off Display

System on battery with full HD panel will turn off display during boot with clean Windows 8 is installed.
This was found on the system with the FHD (full HD) configuration. After installing a clean Windows 8 installation, on first reboot at the end of POST, the system display will switch off if the system is operating on battery only.

Operating on battery, on the first reboot after installing Windows 8, the display will go black after POST. The system has switched the display to an external monitor. 

This happens on eDP LCD panels with DRRS (Display Refresh Rate Switching) feature and only occurs after a clean Windows 8 install. The DRRS feature is enabled when the system is powered by battery to reduce system power consumption. When DRRS is active, the Windows 8 inbox graphics driver doesn't display the image on the primary screen but attempts to switch it to an external display. If the system is installed with Windows 8 OS and the Intel GFX driver, this does not occur. 

This issue was not found running Ubuntu OS and Windows 7 OS.

The solution to the problem is to install the Windows 8 graphics driver. To enable the screen: 
1. Boot the system with AC power connected.
2. Connect an external display to the system.
3. The primary display turns on after pressing Fn + F1 twice. (depends on system model)
4. Once the primary LCD display is working, upgrade to the newer VGA driver and this issue will be resolved.

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