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Latest generation consoles Xbox one will use AMD design

Based on the previous information circulating, the latest generation of Microsoft's console will glide on November 21 in Europe. Regional differences launch date and Xbox One is obtainable through Amazon's official website, which revealed that the Xbox One would slide 27 November.

But the other side the Xbox One is AN forthcoming game console from Microsoft, declared on Maey, 2013, it's the successor to the Xbox 360 and also the third console within the Xbox family of consoles.

The Xbox is a sixth generation game console produced by Microsoft, to always compete with other game consoles, the Microsoft always deliver innovations that with upgraded features and launch a new generation like the Xbox One. Latest game console from Microsoft has a new design that is more remarkable than the previous generation Xbox 360.
Xbox One is designed by Microsoft as a center of multimedia to Xbox One can not only be used as a mere gaming console, but you will also be able to enjoy the facilities offered to other multimedia services. By using the Xbox One, you can watch television and when you want to play the game again, you can move instantly. Skype service will also be available in the Xbox One so that you can communicate via Skype with a very high quality video.

Xbox it's equipped with the latest specification fairly capable with 8GB RAM, 8 core CPU, GPU SoC, also will be equipped with a 500GB HDD. Furthermore, system on a chip in the latest generation consoles Xbox will use AMD design. Do not forget, you will also be pampered with a wireless facility with direct WiFi so you can surf fun by using the Xbox One.

As you know that Microsoft has not made an official announcement about the release date of the Xbox One. However, if you are interested you can already taking pre-orders through retailers who one of them is Amazon. Even Amazon claims that this console will be released on 27 November. This will create intense competition with the PlayStation 4 release date is November 13, but the news has not been officially declared by Sony.

If you can not wait to use the Xbox One, immediately for pre-order through Amazon. Hopefully the release date so you do not miss too long to wait for its release.