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Xbox One versus Sony PlayStation 4

The move off from PowerPC to 64-bit x86 cores means that the One breaks backwards compatibility with all Xbox 360 titles. Microsoft won’t be following any variety of a backwards compatibility strategy, though if a game developer wished thereto may port anolder title to the new console. Oddly enough, the primary Xbox was additionally x86 style from a hardware/ISA viewpoint the new Xbox One is backwards compatible with its grandfat, though Microsoft would ought to modify that as a feature in software package, one thing that’s quite unlikely.

Xbox One
 PlayStation 4
8/8 CPU Cores/Threads 8/8
1.6GHz (est) CPU Frequency 1.6GHz (est)
AMD Jaguar CPU ĀµArch AMD Jaguar
2 x 2MB Shared L2 Cache 2 x 2MB
768 GPU Cores 1152
1.23 TFLOPS Peak Shader Throughput 1.84 TFLOPS
32MB eSRAM Embedded Memory -
102GB/s Embedded Memory Bandwidth -
8GB 2133MHz DDR3 System Memory 8GB 5500MHz GDDR5
2 x 2MB System Memory Bus 2 x 2MB
68.3 GB/s System Memory Bandwidth 176.0 GB/s
28nm Manufacturing Process 28nm

On the graphics aspect it’s another time obvious that Microsoft and Sony are searching at a similar store because the Xbox One’s SoC integrates an AMD GCN primarily based GPU. Here’s wherever things begin to induce somewhat polemical. Sony opted for an eighteen cipher Unit GCN configuration, totaling 1152 shader processors/cores/ALUs. Microsoft went for a way smaller configuration: 768 (12 CUs).

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