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PlayStation 4 can feature associate AMD processor

The PlayStation four is associate coming computer game console from Sony pc amusement. proclaimed because the successor to the PlayStation three throughout a news conference on February twenty, 2013, the PS4 is predicted to launch within the fourth quarter of 2013, and can contend with Nintendo's Wii U and Microsoft's Xbox One, as a part of the eighth generation of computer game consoles.

Moving off from the Cell design, the PlayStation four can feature associate AMD processor based mostly round the x86-64 instruction set. this is often supposed to create computer game development easier on the next-generation console, attracting a broader vary of developers. These changes highlight Sony's effort to enhance upon the teachings learned throughout the event, production and unleash of the PS3. different notable hardware options of the PS4 embody eight GB of unified memory within the kind of GDDR5, a quicker Blu-ray hard drive, and dedicated custom chips for process audio, video and background.
By incorporating a 'share' button on the new controller and creating it potential to look at in-game play streamed live from friends, Sony plans to position a lot of concentrate on social gameplay, new applications and services, Sony plan to debut Gaikai, a cloud base on gambling service that hosts downloadable content and games. the corporate conjointly plans to unleash the PlayStation App permitting PS4 homeowners to show smartphones and tablets into a second screen to boost gameplay.

The console style was disclosed at the news conference, since the planning and specifications were still being finalized. However, some technical specifications regarding the console were proclaimed. The technology within the PlayStation four are going to be comparatively like the hardware found in personal computers. This familiarity ought to create it easier and fewer dear for game studios to develop games for the PlayStation 4. The physical console was finally unveiled  by Sony at E3 2013.

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